Real-time in the cloud

Beaconpush is a push service for creating real-time web apps using HTML5 WebSockets and Comet.

WebSockets changes everything

Beaconpush changes the traditional request-response flow of the web by creating a persistent real-time message stream to each of your visitors. Enabling you to reach your visitors without requiring them to constantly poll your website.

Illustration of message flow in Beaconpush

Visitors are no longer watching snapshots of your content, they are watching a living application. This will radically change the web forever.

A few examples of real-time

The rules of the web are changing. No longer do we need to wait for page refreshes to update our content. Information can now get pushed to us, with no need for waiting. Below are a few examples of how content in real-time changes the web.

Get updated with activity streams

Push feeds from major sources like Twitter or Facebook on your site. Get notified when things happen without delays!

Let users do live collaboration

Edit documents or photo albums without save and reloading your pages. Provide a rich experience like Google Wave or EtherPad.

Power up with instant messaging

Let your website become a natural meeting point. Chat with other users and see when they come online or offline.

Search in real-time

Make your content even more relevant by making it to the second up-to-date.

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Trusted by many and over 1 million people have already experienced Beaconpush technology

Key Features

We believe Beaconpush is the easiest way to enable real-time on your web site. Here's why:

Easy to integrate

Integrates into any website using a couple of lines of JavaScript code.

Works in all browsers

Including iPhone, iPad and Android. No client-side installation whatsoever.

Scalable and Reliable

Hosted on Amazon AWS for high reliability and rapid scaling.

Pay as you grow

All customers are given free monthly credits. Beyond that we only charge you for what you use.


Detailed usage statistics of your users and messages are provided.

Users and Channels

First-hand concepts of users and channels are available.

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